The project.

My mission is to cook typical food from every region of the world, divided into 80 total. One region per week, four (savoury) dishes per region. Simple, huh?

Who am I?LF2.jpg

I’m Laura Fenlon, a twenty-something year old Neuroscientist from Brisbane, Australia. I’ve loved to cook for a long time, and decided that this project was a good way for me to get loads of experience in cooking, as well as trying all of the amazing food that different cultures around the world have to offer!

The recipes?

My modus operandi when cooking is to get an idea for a dish, open at least six tabs of different recipes in my computer, then pick the elements that I like best from each, or just make up bits and pieces entirely myself. I also don’t really measure much, just adding ingredients slowly until they look/taste right. I have no intention of changing these habits, and thus it’s rather hard for me to have an accurate idea of what I actually did. If you would like the recipe for any of the dishes I’ve made, my best advice to you is therefore to open up some good-looking recipes from the first two pages of google, and see what grabs your fancy. In the age of the internet finding recipes is easy, but inspiration is perhaps a little harder, so hopefully I can give you a little bit of that.

What’s been your favourite/least favourite meal/regional cuisine?

I started this project because I love variety and discovery above all else, so it’s difficult for me to choose a favourite. Least favourite would also be unfair, because sometimes I’m not able to procure the right ingredients, or my tastebuds weren’t accustomed to the unusual flavours of the dish, or I simply wasn’t very good at making it! All regions I’ve cooked from so far have shown me some unique aspect of their cuisine that is tasty and valuable, which is what I always suspected and why I wanted to begin this quest in the first place! Having said that, being a great lover of variety, some of my favourite sorts of meals are those that inherently contain lots of different dishes in a single serving. These span cultures, including Brazilian feijoada, Japanese bento box, Greek platter, Ethiopian bayenetu, Nepali dal bhat, Venezuelan pabellon criollo, Indonesian gado gado, English full breakfast, Indian thali/sadhya, Costa Rican casado, Spanish tapas, Southern USA BBQ, as well as mezze boards of all varieties from the Middle East, the Balkans and Eastern Europe/ Central Asia. However, I must stress that, rather than these countries having valuable or superior culinary qualities, this is merely a reflection of my desire to eat multiple meals in a single meal…

What about desserts?

I don’t do desserts.

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